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Cad 5 : Impossible to check the outline of the lens

Background : The centering device determines the lens diameter of the lens to be blocked, in order to optimize the edging cycle,

Actions : Accept the message to block the lens. Clean or change the opaque screen of your centering device.

Cad 5/ Cad 4 : Optical Trace can't detect patterns and lens to lens

Background :   camera doesn’t detect the outline of the lens.
Actions :
You must mark the outline of the lens with the marker
Make sure that the axis present on the lens doesn’t touch the outline of the lens.
Verify the cleanness of the lens (no finger marks, scratches...)
Clean or change the opaque screen of your centering device.

Cad 5 : Automatic calibration needed

Background : The centering device does not properly recognize the optical centre or the power of the lens.
Actions :
Perform the calibration of your centering device using the 3 calibration lenses provided into your accessories box.
Clean or change the opaque screen of your centering device.

Blocking is done outside of the boxing centre

Background :  to increase the edging and finishing performances, the centring device can automatically decide to decentrate the lens outside of the boxing centre.
Actions :
Accept the message and block the current lens. Place the second lens and block it.
Once both lenses are blocked, call back the job on the edger in order to transfer the decentration from the centring device to the edger.

Trace II / 2HC message displayed wrong calibration

Background :  the pattern is wrong inserted

Actions :
Re-insert the pattern and continue the tracing

Trace 3 : OMA host error

Background :  No more memory available in the Cad 5
Actions :
On the Cad 5 launch the optical detection and save the shape, repeat the operation until the message "memory reorganization" appears,

Edge 430 / 450 / 455 : can my edger (ZET90, W3D,edge 430 /450 / 455) edge Polycarbonat ?

Background :  yes in using the adequate diamond wheel, the polycarbonate is dry-edged. The wheel must have a metal heart,

Actions :
We can  use the mineral wheel but secure that the heart wheel is in metal,
Warning : The CR39 wheel must not be used, please clean the edging chamber after each job.

Can I use my Tace II/2HC as a remote tracer ?

Background : Yes, it should have the latest software version and must be mechanically in perfect condition.

Actions :
A review is recommended on older devices.

Edge 430 / 450 / 455 : Which cleaning stick can I use?

Background : it's  important to use the recommanded cleaning stick to clean the right wheel

Actions :
The red cleaning stick is for mineral wheel
The white cleaning disk is for finishing wheel. In case you are working on a free bevel machine you should only sharpen the right side of the bevel groove on the finishing wheel.

Smooth I / II: my hand edger does not work

All hand edgers have a thermal switch which pops out in case of overheating."
Actions :
Actions : After cooling push the switch again . On the 560/570 (Smooth I) the switch is reachable from below. On the 590 (Smooth II) the switch is behind the water tank in the middle.