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Luneau Technology, an international influence

The Luneau Technology group, bringing together the Briot®/Weco® and Visionix® brands, is a major force in the market, with a range of equipment to cover all the requirements of the vision correction process: Refraction and ophthalmic diagnosis, lens inspection in industrial production and lens cutting at the optician's. Our aim has always been to provide you with the latest technologies to permit quicker screening for visual disorders and provide a better quality of life, with ever more effective equipment.

Our first objective, being close to our customers and in tune with market requirements is made possible with a large worldwide network of 11 subsidiaries and more than 170 dealers.

Weco brand revival


Our goal is to offer products with innovative functions and perfect product solutions for the workshop for the opticians.
Our products with innovative features help first in everyday life and promote social well-being. Also, the performance of our products bring satisfaction and help improve vision.